Reviewing “Experiencing architecture” – the beginning of the series

20131001_201012I like coming back to the time of about six or seven months ago. Then, except the passionate striving to load my mind with a handful of information for my high school exams, I especially recall the time of my weekend trips to the capital city. I take delight in going back to this challenging age, in which dreams were daily fighting for survival against the demanding world. Particularly I remember this time for all its laborious working and studying and all that struggling to do my best and to prepare myself a fruitful ground for the future.

On this battlefield also peace was coming from time to time. I will never forget the moment when I was first handed the book, with a man leading two peoples’ sight deep into the perspective, on its cover.

Steen Eiler Rasmussen, “Experiencing architecture”, is the book to which I am coming back over and over again. Therefore, from now on I am proud to declare the start of a series of posts, in which I am going discuss, explain and interpret Rasmussen’s masterpiece. Needless to explain why it is a series. Not only would I would act unfairly toward my readers but I would also betray myself if I would endeavor to confine the enormous content of “Experiencing Architecture” just in one post.

It’s really hard to express the excitement of mine about this project. I will do my best to convey at least some part of the spirit in which Professor Rasmussen writes, at least some part of his, so expressive and passionate way of explaining all these difficult problems.

I also hope that this small part will encourage you to leave a comment on the posts.


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