The storm in Cardiff caused two accidents on night 27/10/2013

20131028_054510 The weather tonight started finally looking like it was described by our tutors and older students. The storm and wind of 80 km/h left its signs on the all city’s streets.

I found the first resemblance of the heavy weather just in front of my house. The vast river of water effectively blocked me from reaching my house, and because the time was 5 am on Saturday I couldn’t let myself wait until the waters will lay off. I grabbed the shelves left by students nearby and made usage of what I’ve learnt in our boat building project.

After reaching the residence my curiosity took control over me and I decided to look how the other houses look like.

Under the bridge on Lowther Road, a big lake was formed and devoured a Opel Astra to the height of the seats. When I arrived the driver has already managed to leave the vehicle and a wrecker was endeavouring pulling the car out.

The policeman who was keeping an eye on the action told me that there was another accident that night, which occurred on the other side of the city.

The next big lake I found that night was at the end of Salisbury Road, just before the entrance to Senghennydd Court. The late walkers who came across reacted surprisingly on the lake. After short assessment of the situation they firmly strode to the waters with boots and socks on feet regardless they were foreign travellers, students coming back from parties, or suffering from insomnia old people.

In order to get rid of the waters the city opened additional hatches which managed very quickly to dry the place, leaving piles of leaves and dirt on the streets.

You can see the effects of one of these hatches on my video.

The last night reminds that autumn is coming to Cardiff with its heavy rains and wild winds. But after all, we should remember that every cloud has also a silver lining.



20131028_060036 20131028_062042 20131028_064004 20131028_064238


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