Sparks in the Park 2013, Cardiff Firework Show on 02/11/2013



In the evening of the first Saturday of November a 30-minute long cascade of fireworks tore up the Cardiff sky. The annual celebration of the Guy Fawkes Night in Cardiff’s Bute Park took off and supported by the firework display, bonfire, food stalls and funfair was at that night the largest festival in Wales.

Guy Fawkes Night 2013

“Sparks in the Park”, as the event was called took place for the 33rd time and drew to the Bute Park crowds eager to experience the thrill of the show and spend some of their time with friends while  eating sausages and drinking. I hadn’t know anything about it before, but it happened that I was fortunately nearby when the first explosion, followed by the cloud of sharp smell of powder disturbed the park.

Sparks glimmering against the black canvas of the night brought to my mind the painting of James Whistler, whom work I covered in the previous post. The painting is called “Nocturne in Black and Gold”.

The display that could awaken the dead from their graves

The impression when going through the audience was one-off. I’ve seen how different people in different way experienced the display. The exhilaration of girls when the sky blew up, the joyful shouts of kids when the sky blew up, and the cogitation of the man when the sky blew up all occurring in one place, in one time.

20131102_190248For me the experience was miraculous and it was very easy to lose yourself in the show. All visual effects of the explosions melded with the smell of burnt powder, and the music of Avicii “Wake me up” made the festival seem deliriously, almost like daydreaming. It was the feeling, which must have shared the people of New York, when they were visiting Coney Island and Luna Park in XX century. It was the feeling of Fritzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and its glimmering lights of Manhattan. That was this kind of entertainment which makes you feel that your life is fine. That you are fine.

20131102_190805 20131102_190252