Dwelling drawing and maquette projects – week 4 and 5

Name of the project: Dwelling Drawing and Dwelling Maquette
Date:21-25/10 and 17/10-01/11
Objectives: Familiarizing us with octogonal projections, model-making and BIM software.

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Eventually, Karate Kid finished the era of the projects slightly awkward to explain to your friends that they’re your architecture course. It’s not like I didn’t find them useful, of course they captured my imagination at some points, but I am simply happy we overcame that stage.

The commentary above doesn’t refer at all to the “Reading Room” Project, which I concerned, and I still do, as very architectural.

Simultaneously, I have to announce, that although my most sincere will of writing something about the boat project I just simply cannot force myself to do it. It somehow lies under my skin and burns my nerves every time I endeavored to sit over it.

Anyway, today’s project was really something I enjoyed, so please, sit back, relax and have a nice read.

Week 1

This project made us work for the first time individually. The long list of architects hanging on the wall provided us with opportunity to choose the theme, which was to determine our fate during the next two weeks. However, there was little time to choose wisely, while in a blink of an eye most of these were already taken.

Just like in real life.


The main objective of the week one was to produce in right scale and fine composition a dwelling of our chosen architect.  It might seem that mere copying drawings cannot convey much value. Per contra it can. What has been emphasized at the very beginning of the project, was the importance of thinking in drawing. Therefore we didn’t only copied, but in fact studied them.

Week 2

Of course, such studying is a very individual thing and I don’t recommend this method in any school unsure of possessing a number of students eager as hell to draw these goddamn houses. Even if somebody put no effort in what he draws, anyway his sins were to show up on the second week, which was dealing with interpretation of the dwelling. Through the means of spatial composition, or simply speaking making a maquette, we were challenged to present our knowledge building in more accurate, in architectural way of thinking, method.

Moreover, this time we were allowed to work in small groups with the people who held the same edifice. Our final outcomes could be split into three categories:

  • Section studies
  • Project reconstruction
  • Interpretation of the idea

It’s pointless to evaluate which worked as the best exercise for us, while the main objective of the task was rather to familiarize us with modelling. After all, the workshop introduction and sessions which we attended previously, made us seriously looking forward getting to grips with these sexy saws and sanders, which might have made some of us feel like Mies van der Rohe craftsmanshipping in his youth.

Materials that we shaped by our architectural visions could be simplified into

  • Grayboard
  • Foamboard
  • Timber

what of course, doesn’t cover the whole variety of different clay and cardboard which one could have come across in our studio at that time, but I think it conveys the picture sufficiently, anyway.


What makes us scream, what makes us happy

But the physical models tutors told us additionally to face computer software. As our experience with 3D modelling, in majority equaled zero, the only solution was to use SketchUp programme, with its whole magnificence of poorly-made camera operation and a number of small awkwardnesses, generated  a cloud of frustration that hung above our studio’s rooms.

This firm criticism of mine is derived not only from the fact that my first experience with the programme ended up with “Not responding” message. My sad statement is supported with our tutors opinion they showed at the very first day of touching this subject.

The Crit

Therefore, at the middle of the first November’s Friday, our models were (mostly) finished and the Critique was due to take off. The presentations of models, both digital and physical serves well for all of us, and will be definitely useful in our future careers.



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