Just what is it that makes today’s architecture so different, so appealing?

Case_danzanti  Złota_44_(06.2013)Charles_Moore_Piazza_d'ItaliaVitra_fire_station,_full_view,_Zaha_Hadid


The whole society can be divided on money and advertisement only. It’s basically nothing more, neither now nor before, despite romantic promises of Michael Moore.

Why advertisements bring so much disgust to me? Well, it isn’t a simple question. They are persuasive, catchy, I really liked adverbs when I was younger. Especially all these phrases, Gosh, I could repeat them endlessly, annoying my parents relentlessly.

The obvious purpose of advertising is making money. And it’s very easy to distinguish when you come across commercial architecture such as Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Frank O’Gehry, or Charles Moore’s buildings. These pieces are made mostly to shock and to keep term starcitect up-to-date. But we need this type of amusement to make cities look interesting, and to make the world look interesting, although I think real architecture might have got lost. After all, no “less is more” but “less is bore”!

Postmodernists’ ‘bible’ is titled “Lessons from Las Vegas” and it’s really no surprise. It’s a little like seeing Hunter S. Thompson who gave up writing for the sake of AutoCAD  – that might be funny!

If you don’t know what’s on here, it’s probably about money and it’s probably because the real world’s decision-makers are neither architects nor any other designers or engineers, but businessmen, bankers, accountants, politicians and lawyers. They are who possess power and money, and who virtually shape our world. We are only their minions. We don’t decide – we suggest. Architects may become legends for future generations like Frank Lloyd Wright or Le Corbusier, but simultaneously sustain as poor as a church mouse. After all, financial problems accompanied Frank for whole his life, and Le Corbusier was making fun of so many times, that the tribute he was given at his funeral was a joke. A joke in a really bad taste.

The great buildings were most commonly named by theirs marchands. Why? Because they are the reason why things are getting done. They own these buildings, a well they own their architects and engineers and you. And the most outraging of all shames is that it’s Boris Johnson who will have right to stand on the top of the hill looking at the newly done London airport with THE RIGHT to say “I have created this – it’s mine creation”. Architects and engineers were only a small particle in the process and we so rarely actually see our buildings. If I was to describe this job most simply I would say it’s a very interesting office job. But, wait a second… they described it differently in TASCHEN.